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Many People love to wear slippers as they are comfy and you can walk around the house on lazy days with ease. Not just at home, people often wear plush slippers for grocery shopping or a daily walk.

Many Kpop idols love wearing plush slippers as their airport attire. Plush slippers are famous for their cute style and comfy material. Many travellers also love wearing plush slippers because they are warm and cosy. 

There are many cute kawaii slippers that you could wear to keep your feet warm and protected in winters. Many people, including women and even men, love wearing cute plush slippers at their homes. 


Cute Kawaii Plush Slippers

If you want to give comfort to your feet with a little cuteness, then cute kawaii slippers are for you. Our store has many trendy and cute plush slippers for all the kawaii fans.

From cute fruits themed slippers to adorable animal-themed plush slippers, we have it all for you. The kawaii plush slippers are best and affordable option to look for keeping your feet warm.

Here is a directory of some of the cute plush slipper that you could buy from our store this winter season:


  1. Bentoy Lovely Embroidered Animal Cotton Slippers

Do you love embroidered on soft cotton material with some cute animals? Then the Bentoy animal cotton slippers are for you. 

The slippers are made of soft plush cotton material with a little fur on the openings. The slippers come in two cute colours, pink and grey, perfect for both boys and girls.

The Bentley cute plush slippers have a charming look that will suit all your loose pyjamas and tops.


  1. Milkjoy Fresh Girl Non-Slip Slippers

We are calling all the kawaii girls out there because these cute kawaii slippers are for you. The Milky plush slippers are perfect casual slippers for the girls. 

The slippers have high protection EVA material which will feel soft on your feet. The material of these cute kawaii slippers is non-slippery and water-resistant.

The cute drawing on the face of slippers makes them trendy to wear. It will also look super cool if you wear them with the matching colours of socks.


  1. Sweet Sheep Plush Slippers


The Cute Kawaii Sweet Plush Slippers are a must-have in the cold weather to keep your feet warm. The soft plush material of the slippers will give you a cosy feel in the winters.

The material of the slippers has artificial rabbit fur that gives them a soft plushy touch. The thick sole design of the slippers will feel comfortable on the feet and are super durable.

There are two beautiful colours for you to choose to make your feet look trendy and cute.


  1. Couple Cute Plush Slippers


The cute kawaii slippers are perfect for all the couple's out there. You can buy this matching couple slipper to surprise your loved ones this winter.

The cute plush slippers are a perfect couple goals as they will leave people in awe around you. The couple cute plush slippers are perfect to wear at home to keep your feet warm.

The trendy material and design of the plush slippers will make you stand out in the crowd.


  1. Fashion Carrot Plush Slippers


Comes with six beautiful trendy colours, the fashion carrot slippers are next on the list. As their name says, these plush slippers are fashionable and come with small carrots.

The slippers' material has soft plush that is perfect to wear at home on a lazy Sunday. The cute kawaii slippers are soft inside and out to keep your feet warm in the cold winter season.


  1. Couple Models Plush Slippers


Made with the Turkish cashmere the couple models plush slippers are super warm. The soft plushy material of these cute kawaii slippers will feel comfy under your feet. 

There are five gorgeous colours for you to choose while buying the coupled model plush slippers. The trendy kawaii plush slippers will fit with your loose winter dressing correctly.


  1. Elk Bear Claw Plush Slippers


The bear claw plush slippers come in four cute elk claw designs. You can wear these cute kawaii slippers as your daily attire or on the lazy weekend days.

The cute and trendy designs of the slippers will give you a spotlight in the crowd. So, go on grocery shopping or for a daily walk to flaunt your cute kawaii bear claw plush slippers.


  1. Cartoon Shark Plush Slippers


The kawaii cartoon shark plush slippers are for all the "Baby Shark" lovers. The design and material of the slippers are comfy and made up of soft plush cotton.

The slippers will feel comfy on your feet to give you a warm feeling on the lazy snowy days. Wear the cartoon shark plush slippers and flaunt your incredible fashion sense.


  1. Long Ears Rabbit Plush Slippers


The long ears rabbit plush slippers come in two colours suitable or both boys and girls. So, if you're looking for cute kawaii slippers to wear at home, then do consider buying these slippers.

The super-soft plush cotton slipper will feel soft on your feet. And, the long ears rabbit plush slippers will give your personality an adorable touch.


  1. Winter Bear Plush Slippers


Last but not least, the winter bear plush slippers are super comfy to wear. These cute kawaii plush slippers are a perfect option to buy your next slippers.

The crown shape bears look fantastic to wear and suits perfectly with a loose shirt and trousers. The thick design and soft plush material will keep your feet warm and comfy all the time.




Our kawaii store has a bunch of variety when it comes to cute and warm plush slippers. You can check the wide variety of other cute kawaii slippers at our site. 

Our cute kawaii plush slippers are famous for their super trendy and comfy design among customers. Choose your new comfortable winter slippers from our adorable and affordable range of kawaii slippers.

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