Achieve a win-win situation with your friends or fans by joining our Affiliate Program!

We are an online kawaii store , are looking forward to sharing our resources with you.
Earn commision on all referred sales just by referring friends or fans to

Registration incentives:

1. Register within 24 hours and get $2USD for free

2. 10% exclusive discount can be shared with friends or fans (no minimum consumption)

3. You will get 10% commission when your friend places an order


Commission settlement rules:

1.Referral link valid period : 28 days from the link generation.

2.Commission settlement time: 30 days from the invoice date

3. Refund guarantee : To prevent malicious refunds from earning commissions, we will reserve $5USD



On August 1, your friend bought $100USD through your Referral Link

On August 30th, you can get $100USD*10%+3USD-5USD=$8USD


Specific operation

Ibentoy Affiliate Login Page Link:

If you are a new member, please instruct to complete the registration

🌸Step 1
Affiliate Signup Page Link:
Please register your own account on below page 👇


🌸Step 2
After you register, the system will send a confirmation email like your email address.
You need to go to your mailbox, follow the instructions and click confirm. Refer to the picture below👇


🌸Step 3
After click, a pop-up window will appear to return to dashboard👇


🌸Step 4
Congratulations, the registration is successful, you will return to the Affiliate Portal page👇

🌸Step 5

Finally, log in to your social media, post photos and description text "from Ibentoy Kawaii Store", add your Referral Link and Coupon Code.


Supplementary information—Dashboard instructions:

There is a language switch at the bottom of Dashboard, you can choose the language you are used to👇


🌼Home Page Description:
1. Your login name
2. Your mailbox
3. You can copy the link to recommend others and put it wherever you need it
You can write the link directly👇
Kawaii Ibentoy Shop:
Or you can make an anchor text👇
"Kawaii Ibentoy Shop" insert link:
4. 10% OFF for sharing other people's discount, the quota cannot be adjusted
5. You can create and change your own code

🌼Marketing Tools Description:
1. You can select any product on the website ,copy link of the product👇

2. Paste the link, create yourlink to share with others👇

🌼Payment Page Description:
Please choose your paypal account as the commission payment method 

🌼Setting Page Description:
1. Modify your link suffix
2. Your personal information


If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time
Cooperation mailbox: