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A good umbrella can not only protect you from the wind and rain, but also a weapon that can hold up the sky for you under the sun! The umbrella I like must not only be of good quality, durable and lightweight, but also beautifully designed. This is the style that a delicate little fairy should have.

The umbrella surface is mostly printed patterns of animals and plants. The overall style is more lively and cute. Although it is printed, it does not make people feel tired.The quality is also quite awesome, you can continue to use it for the second year or longer.

Or, you may wonder why you still get tanned when you have an umbrella? That's because your umbrella is not shading enough.

Okay, let me do a test with your phone, don't be stingy to share your test results with us


This is me, an umbrella that makes you want to have it at a glance.



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