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Stationery is an essential part of the student's life. Paper plays a critical role in many areas like educational institutes, offices etc.

Without stationery, we can't complete our daily school and studying tasks. There are many items when it comes to buying stationery items. You need charts for school projects, you need paper cutter you're making something and so on.

Kawaii stationery store has a vast range of stationery items for stationery lovers. Suppose you're a school or college going student if you're an artist or office employee. We have everything that you need when it comes to stationery at the kawaii stationery store.

Kawaii Stationery Store

These days you have stationery for almost everything. You can do a simple school project and art projects with different stationery equipment.

The kawaii stationery store has a stylish collection of different stationery for you. Here is a list of some of the cheap kawaii stationery items:

1. Journals

If you like writing about your daily routine and activities, then you need to have a journal with you. We have every kind of journals for you to keep yourself on track.

Suppose you're a person who likes writing essential things on a piece of paper instead of your phone. Then it would be best if you tried buying the journal from the kawaii stationery store.

Some journals that we like to recommend you would be the "Answer Book Journal". It's perfect for writing down your feelings and your activities after a hectic day. You can carry it with you everywhere. It comes in different dreamy colours.

Another one is the "Bentoy PU Green Schedule book". This schedule book is perfect for students who like to keep track of the things they do daily. This hobo schedule book is strong and durable.

2. Highlighters

Many students like to highlight important things in their notes while studying. You can also use highlighters can again to do beautiful hand lettering.

Highlighters are essential items for students to help them in taking their notes. Kawaii Stationery store has good quality highlighters that are also cheap and affordable.

You can use different kinds of colourful highlighters for your other subjects.

Our favourite picks of highlighters from kawaii stationery are "Kawaii Pill Highlighter". This highlighter has a cute shape of a pill and comes in six different colours.

The kawaii highlighters don't bleed on your paper and make your notes more colourful.

3. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are for students as well as homemakers and office workers. Sticky notes are super useful, and it helps you remember important things. Many people use sticky notes to make a list of the activities that they'll do on a particular day.

Homemakers also use sticky notes to make a list of their grocery and other stuff. Kawaii Stationery offers a wide range of sticky notes.

There are different kinds of sticky notes for other purposes. Our picks are the "Joytop Fruity A7 Notes" and "Avocado Flower Memo Pad". These notes are beneficial in taking important notes or making lists.

The cute designs are perfect for decorating your walls and desks. The material is eye-catching, and the stickiness of the notes are long-lasting.

4. Pencil Case

A pencil case is an essential item for students to keep their pencil and other pens in one place. Keeping your pencils and pens help you stay organized and you don't have trouble finding them.

A pencil case is like a store to almost all your stationery items, including pens and erasers. You can choose your favourite pencil case from the kawaii stationery store.

We have the most affordable pencil case that is too cute and will be your perfect school companion. Our favourite pencil cases are the "Bentoy Cartoon New Stick Pen Case". This attractive stationery case has enough space to carry your essential items.

5. Bookmark

Book lovers are also a fan of different cute bookmarks. Bookmarks make your books look more aesthetic, and you don't lose your page.

You can use bookmarks if you don't like marking your pages with pen or pencil. Because pencils might make your books look dirty. You can also use different bookmarks on different pages.

The kawaii stationery store has cute and affordable bookmarks for you. Our recommendation would be the "Bentoy Funny PVC Bookmarks".

These bookmarks come in four different styles. You can choose according to your style and genre.

6. Stamps

If you love doing stamp art or like collecting them kawaii store has it all. People use stamps for different purposes. You can use them when sending letters to your loved ones.

Stamps can help students with their school projects. You can also use the symbols to make your journals look more aesthetic. The "Christmas Wish Stamps Set" is a must if you're thinking about giving letters on Christmas.

You can also gift these Christmas stamps to your friends on this festive season. You can also use these stamp on your scrapbooks collecting memories.

7. 6 Ring Binder

You can buy six-ring binder to make your journal and notebooks more aesthetic. We have a large variety of 6 ring binder, and you can choose what suits your style.

Ring binders can be a perfect substitute for your old journal covers if you love and old journal but want to change its exterior to make it look more appealing. It would be best if you considered buying our beautiful 6 Ring Binder.

The "Christmas 6 Ring Binder" is our current favourite because of the festive season. The fabric is perfect and has fun balls decoration. You can gift this to your friends to make them look more creative.


This list doesn't include every stationery item, but you can check them on our store. The kawaii stationery store has every stationery items for the kawaii fans.

We prepared this list of kawaii stationery items for you. You might be looking for some new stationery for your school because you don’t need any reason for shopping.


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